4 Facts About Challenge Coins We Bet You Didn’t Know

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Tory of challenge coins has some interesting events that makes their existence even more valuable. Challenge coins were first used in the US Military Force way back in the past to signify pride and camaradehe histrie among their squad.

Today, these coins are not just bound to be used in the Military Force but in several other areas of occupation. With custom coins gaining popularity, the design for challenge coins has evolved and there are many variations found in it.

Now, people can place order for any kind of customized design when it comes to challenge coins. However, the value it shares among Military officials remains the same as back in the day. Below we have listed some of the facts about the Challenge Coins that we bet you didn’t know about.

1.    Challenge Coins are supposed to be presented

In the past, challenge coins were not just an item that was worn with the uniform but also had some tradition attached to it. In several events in the past the challenge coins were supposed to be ideally presented against a fun challenge or dare.

For increasing morale among Military men many battalions decided to find one reason or another to present the coins. One such challenge was that the last person to put down or show their coin on the table had to buy the next round of drinks for the whole squad.

While the use of challenge coins had more purpose like identifying the battalion they belong to, they were also popularly used as an item of morale booster.

2.   Challenge Coins are items for Collectors

If you visit any military supply show then you will definitely come across a display booth where cases of several different types of coins are placed. Each coin has a different story attached to it.

The coins are mostly tied to the event that held great importance for a specific military mission, battalion or organization. Since they are easy to produce, the authority can ideally manufacture many to distribute among thousands of military officials.

Some of these coins are rarer than the others. The content or elements included in the coin displays the rareness of the coins. If you come across a coin that has an event or mission you have never heard of then chances are, they are hard to be found anymore.

They hold high monetary value as well. Plus, holds a special place among the possessions of a collector.

3.   Challenge Coins can be used for recruitment

Yes! You heard that right. Challenge Coins are also used as a tool for recruitment. While such practice is very uncommon these days it is definitely not something that is new in the Military field.

As military coins have high sentimental value attached to it, it is not something that you pass along to the other person just like that. You must earn it to possess it. So, if any person that has a specific challenge coin means that he or she definitely deserves to possess it.

They are passed along as a sign of respect and identity of a troop. This is why, back in the day, challenge coins were actively used as items of recruitment.

4.   Presidents have a special Challenge Coin

The custom of Presidents crafting and handing out their personalized challenge coin started in the year 1990. Typically, they produce two versions of customized coins. One for the public and for the honourable civilians to reward them.

It is also believed that even some of the Vice Presidents of the US have produced their customized version of coins over the years.


Were you surprised by some of these facts? Well, you must know a lot about coins now more than ever. Place your order for quality custom coins from the best manufacturers now!

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