4 Tips to Follow for Gaining Profit From Selling Your Used Phone

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Selling away your used smartphone can be a profitable move if done the right way. Whether you are looking for a way to make some extra cash or just want an upgrade from your old phone, you can achieve your goal easily by simply putting your used phone up for sale. However, selling a used phone can be easy but if you really want to make a profitable deal out of it there are a few things that you need to consider.

Whenever customers choose to go for the best buy buyback program to purchase a second-hand phone, they are very observant and diligent. They consider a number of things when purchasing and make sure that everything works well for them. That is why, you need to be extra careful when selling your used phone in order to gain maximum profit out of it.

Below we have listed out some crucial tips that can help you gain profit from selling away your used phone. Continue to read them to find out.

1.    Stand by for the peak value

One of the things that you must keep in mind is that in order to get profit you have to wait for the right time. Patience is a virtue even when you are considering selling your used phone. You will be getting the best value for your used phone by considering the best time.

Every year tons of new phone models are launched and in order to get the best value for your phone it is highly recommended to sell them within a year. Unfortunately, the older models cannot gain much value in the market.

Hence, if you are eyeing for the best price out of your used phone make sure to sell them when they are not outdated. Within a year of the purchase is approximately the best time to sell your phone.

2.   Check out for recycle option

What if we told you that you can earn profit along with limiting any waste in the environment? Well, today you can find several online or land-based stores that offer you recycling options for the used phones. You can resell your phone at these stores to get the best value out of it.

Plus, you will be taking a great step in limiting e-waste into our environment. Make sure to compare and recycle the used phone. Find the best recycling store and get a fair deal out of it.

3.   Assemble and add the extra items

One key step that many consumers forget while reselling their used phone is to assemble and add some key items along with the phone. It is important that you keep your phone’s original box and other accessories such as charger, earphones, etc. safely.

These items can up the value of your phone incredibly. Of course, a phone that comes along with OG accessories and box will price more than a phone that comes without them. Also, if you can then you can add some extra items such as screen protectors, dashboards and others to sell along with your used phone.

4.   Seek benefit from the local market

Now, there are tons of online platforms where you can sell your used phone. While the big named stores such as ebay, Amazon are great places to reach a wide range of customers. If you really want to gain profit from selling your used phone you must seek the local markets.

Local buyers can really give you a good deal, not that we are saying you cannot do so from online stores. However, online stores have many resellers that customers can choose from. The local market is limited and if you find a buyer here then chances of you getting a good deal is for sure.


The above enumerated are some important steps that you need to follow if you want to get maximum profit from selling your used phone. Customers buying from the best buy buyback program are smart buyers and in order to make a fair deal out of them you need to follow these steps.

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