A Complete Guide To Plex Plugins For The Best Seedboxes

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In today’s digital world, every internet user wants a quick and simple solution for downloading files. Those situations are gone when you would wait aimlessly for downloading a single movie or game on your personal computer. And with the introduction of virtual private networks and seedboxes, unloading and uploading of media are comparatively simple nowadays.

To be specific, a seedbox is remote-severe allowing seeders to upload and download large torrent files at an insane speed. This committed server enables all users to easily download the updated releases of torrent files and share it at the utmost protection with other seeders as well. Most seedbox offers unlimited bandwidth that generally ranges between 100 Mbps and 10 Gbps. People with access to remote-servers can anonymously unload media to their personal computers. 

The best seedboxes is a combination of the right tools and high-bandwidth offering solutions to all your privacy concerns. You can even secret your internet service provider’s address with a seedbox combined with virtual private network settings. Seedboxes render to maintain a good ratio and often providing much convenience to users at affordable monthly rents. 

In case you want to stream all of the digital files, then you need to download these files to your personal computer and play on a media player. But you can also skip such steps and watch it straight away in your seedbox if you’ve already installed plex plugins. 

What Is A Plex?

Plex is a common application, which enables seeder to keep their digital files organized and easily accessible. This application can convert your remote-server into your personal media player. And so, you can use a committed-server for several purposes other than just hosting media files. 

And also it is much more amazing when you’ve an option getting seedbox along with a plex server, which comes with complete setup and ready use. In case you are a pro user, you can simply set up a plex on your seedbox and customize to suit your needs with the help of the channels and plugins to install. 

The only major problem with plex server is it has currently shut down all the operations, and so you cannot expect good customer support now. That’s quite important, but this app comes with advanced customization, and so seeders no need to seek helps of the customer care. The company isn’t closed completely and so you can enjoy its services presently. You’ve an option to install plex plugins manually, although you need to find the plugins that are still available and aren’t infected with viruses. 

Most people will advise you to avoid using plex plugins, which requires problematic works while installation. Here we’ve pointed out some of these plugins that are still available and perfect working, and so you can use it in your server. 

Which Plex Plugins Are Still Available?

  • Ombi

If you are sharing your remote-server with other users, Ombi is an excellent plex plugin to manage the upload and download requests on the seedbox. This is a self-manageable application providing seeders with a web portal where other users can send requests to download files. You cannot only save your maximum minutes, and also read out requests and respond to them as per your convenience. The users who’ve sent a request to you will get an email notification when you replied to their requests. 

  • Kitana

Kitana is a popular plex plugin to install for all seedboxes users. This process involves no confusion, and so you can easily stream it without any interruption. Kitana offers every user with a web-interface, which users can easily install, manage, and remove according to need. 

Kitana is useful only as a maximum and sideloading via plex is possible. 

  • Trakt.tv

Trakt.tv is one of the most popular plex plugins, which made watching content much easier upon plex server. This particular plugin records movies and serials, which allows every user to continue to watch and choose apps whatever required. You can manually install this plex plugin and it will work perfectly with your media server. 

Therefore, you must only use such plugins along with other plex plugins available in the market currently.      

  • Tautulli

Tautulli is an outstanding plex plugin, which experiences regular updates and properly maintained with other plugins. This plex plugin’s major work is to enable users to monitor media servers with some amazing option, such as – watch previous records, stream charts and graphs, and seek real-time information on who’s presently using the service to watch which media. 

Tautulli allows all users to record newly added content on plex server and is a great option to shared seedbox accounts. That’s not all, you can even create a newsletter and send notifications to inform the present condition of the user’s account.

To conclude, your seedboxes paired with incredible plex plugins will provide maximum advantages and allow users to maintain a good ratio always. To explore more about the advantages of using a seedbox and monthly plans available in the market, you need to choose the right seedbox provider today!

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