Aluminum Radiators: Benefits and Why Should You Buy One

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Radiators are made from different materials, like steel, cast iron, stone, and are readily available in the market. But the one that is creating waves are aluminium radiators and for good reasons. 

Aluminum is the third most abundant metal on earth and thus production is comparatively cheaper. However, this is not the only reason that aluminium radiators are gaining more and more popularity. There are quite a few reasons that go in favor of aluminium radiators and we will touch them here. 

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Aluminum is the Most Abundant Metal on Earth

Aluminum is the third most abundant metal to be found anywhere on earth and the most abundant metal to be found at the earth’s crust. However, it must be extracted from compounds such as Bauxite. So, you’ll just not find a chunk of aluminium lying at your feet somewhere. 

Aluminium is of low density and is super resistant to corrosion. The reason why it is used in soda cans, planes, and radiators. 

So, aluminium, being abundantly available, is cheap to produce. However, the costs of producing steel may be cheaper, as aluminium first needs to be extracted from Bauxite. So, steel has been in predominant use in radiators. But the scenario is slowly changing and aluminium radiators are slowly gaining popularity. 

Benefits of Aluminium Radiators

Aluminium radiators can cost a little more than steel ones. However, aluminum has been in use in constructing radiators for quite some time now.

There are several benefits of using aluminium radiators. Number one is, aluminium is an excellent conductor of heat. It has an emissivity level that is five times that of steel. This means aluminium is an excellent fit for radiator construction. Because radiators need to attain maximum temperatures quickly.

Aluminium radiators also need less water to function, thus lowering the heating costs. And you’ll also have an effective heating system with lower cash.

Another important factor to consider is that aluminium is much lighter than steel or cast iron. Meaning, radiators made of it are easier and more convenient to install and can be done on all types of walls. You can easily install aluminium radiators on both external and internal walls and thus they can heat any space conveniently.

As it takes less time to install, the costs of installation are naturally less. It requires less man power, so aluminium radiators can be beneficial due to that reason as well.

Also, aluminium radiators are stylish and easy on the eyes. So, the style factor is also taken care of. They look good and are well-designed to suit almost every surrounding.

Environment Friendly

Apart from being easy to install and taking less water and time to heat up, the greatest benefit of aluminium radiators is they are environment-friendly.

Most aluminium is recycled and the material for radiators is generally sourced from used cans, tins, etc. Thus, they are an eco-friendly option.

The low water requirement also means that aluminium radiators are smaller in size. And they can easily be used alongside a low-temperature heating system. So, they effectively replace oversized radiators as well.

With all these benefits, it’s hard to see why you won’t want an aluminium radiator as your heating solution. If you want One quality aluminium radiators in Dublin, you can always contact us. We manufacture aluminium radiators of all types and excellent quality and you can easily use them as a perfect heating solution for your home.


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