Assault’ Allegation and Saweetie Interview With Justin LaBoy

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We’ve heard about the recent rumors claiming Quavo assaulted Saweetie, the cheating allegations made by the former couple and the breakup with Quavo, but what exactly is the truth behind these reports? We’ll be discussing the allegations as well as Saweetie’s interview with Justin LaBoy. If you’re looking for an honest and factual look at the situation, read this article.

Quavo’s alleged assault on Saweetie

After seeing the leaked video of Quavo’s alleged assault on his ex-girlfriend Saweetie, the rapper is breaking his silence and denying the allegations. The rap star says he never physically abused Saweetie, but the leaked footage does not appear to be exaggerated. The two were in a relationship when the fight took place, and the couple confirmed their breakup last month. According to the video, Quavo and Saweetie fought in an elevator over an orange phone case. It was caught on a CCTV camera in the apartment complex Saweetie was living in.

The video shows the two arguing in an elevator, and after a bit of a tug-of-war, Saweetie took a swing at Quavo. They then fought over a Call Of Duty box, and Quavo then tried to drag Saweetie into the elevator. However, during the struggle, Saweetie fell, and Quavo refused to help him up. The video was leaked, and LAPD is now investigating the incident.

Shya Lamour offered some insight into the two’s situation, which triggered several accusations of domestic violence. The videos of Quavo and Saweetie’s fight emerged on Instagram, sparking a flurry of speculation that the rapper was guilty of assault. Shya defended Quavo while addressing the claims of domestic abuse. However, another Instagram user accused Quavo of physically assaulting Saweetie.

The two met in 2011 and rapped together in 2015. But after the video was leaked, the pair’s relationship deteriorated. Saweetie later released a song detailing the abuse she suffered at the hands of Quavo. The two have reportedly reconciled after the incident.

The rap star did not specifically call out Quavo in the video, but instead focuses on Saweetie throughout the eight inflammatory bars in the video.

Saweetie’s alleged cheating allegations

After rumors about a cheating relationship erupted earlier this week, saweetie took to Twitter to address the news. She revealed that Quavo cheated on her, which she denies. The couple unfollowed each other on social media yesterday.

Quavo and Saweetie had an altercation at an apartment complex in North Hollywood. Although neither one of the men has made a public statement, they have yet to comment on the video that leaked online. Saweetie was born in 1993 to Johnny Harper and Trinidad Valentin. He graduated from the University of Southern California with a Bachelor of Arts in business.

Quavo and Saweetie have not commented on the rumor of infidelity. But fans will continue to speculate and believe if they’re indeed cheating on each other. This is not a good sign for their relationship.

Moreover, the images of the alleged cheating accusations were sharable to the public and the media. According to the pictures, Lil Baby had dropped a large bag at a Chanel store and two people also delivered bouquets of flowers to Saweetie.

Saweetie’s interview with Justin LaBoy

The pair announced their breakup not long ago, but the interview appears to have caused a split between the two. Thankfully, both men have denied the rumors. However, the interview is the source of much speculation.

The interview reveals that the two had a breakup and were arguing about Quavo’s new girlfriend, Halle Berry. It also reveals that the pair was dating before the interview, sparking breakup rumors. But there is no concrete evidence to back up the rumor.

The two were reportedly dating for a few months and last summer, Quavo’s girlfriend sawsaweetie’s sex life in quarantine. They were recently photographed at the same event. Saweetie’s interview with Justin LaBoy leaked after she revealed her secret pick-up line. Whether or not the two dated is still up for debate, but the revelations are definitely worth following.

The rappers have since denied rumors that the interview was the cause of their breakup, but the singer’s comments about Justin LaBoy caused the breakup. But the truth is, it is unlikely that the interview caused Saweetie and Quavo to get into an altercation after the interview. Justin LaBoy and Migos have denied any knowledge of the altercation, but both sides say the story is false.

Quavo and Saweetie’s relationship is in the spotlight after the news of their split broke. Their split was first reported by TMZ. However, after that, it was confirmed on social media by Saweetie. The two are no longer dating, though it was recently reported that Quavo and Saweetie were involved in an altercation in an elevator.

The infamous rap duo are still dating, but rumors are swirling in the rap world about the breakup. But the relationship between Quavo and Saweetie has become public. The relationship between the two artists has been rocky for years, and it is now at an all-time low. Regardless of how long they’ve been together, it’s not a secret that they’re still not together.

Saweetie’s breakup with Quavo

The shocking video of Saweetie’s break up with Quavo has leaked online. The two were reportedly arguing inside of an elevator and the video shows them squabbling, with Quavo attempting to pull Saweetie into an attack. The video also shows Saweetie yelling obscenities at Quavo after the fight.

During the past year, Saweetie and Quavo have been publicly gushing about each other. The pair have even posted pictures of each other on Instagram. However, neither Quavo nor Saweetie have said anything publicly about the breakup. Until now, Quavo has not publicly spoken on the split. This is a sign of a deteriorating relationship between two superstars.

It is unknown how much the video will affect the rapper’s career, but the two did have a fight in an elevator. TMZ has obtained video footage of the incident. In the video, Saweetie swings at Quavo, but Quavo dodges the hit and hurls an orange call-of-duty case. The two then struggle to pick up the orange hardware box and Quavo yanks Saweetie’s arm.

The video also shows Quavo tussling with Saweetie over a Call of Duty case in an elevator. The Los Angeles Police Department is currently investigating the elevator incident. Quavo also reportedly had his Bentley repossessed after the breakup. Quavo’s reps denied the reports. The video is the first of its kind to surface.

According to a source close to the pair, the Los Angeles Police Department is investigating the elevator incident. . Neither rapper has spoken publicly about the situation, but they are working to determine if a criminal investigation is necessary. The incident took place on March 30. The Los Angeles Police Department is investigating the matter, but they have not released any details about it.


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