Hard or Soft Enamel Challenge Coins: Which One Should You Choose

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Challenge coins are the perfect way to make some occasions more memorable. Be it a birthday party or a trip, receiving a challenge coin can make things all the more special. The best part about challenge coins? They are easily customizable and come in all shapes and sizes.

So, if you want to buy custom challenge coins, you can always contact us. We build excellent and uniquely designed coins to suit your requirements. Our expert team can even guide you on the designing part. 

Now, while adding color or and design to your coin, there are two options, soft enamel, and hard enamel. Each one has its own set of advantages and here we will explain exactly what do they mean and how they differ. 

What are Hard Enamel Coins?

In hard enamel coins, the enamel is added to the coin to the point that it’s higher in level than the coin. It is then polished down to the top of the coin.

Hard enamel coins have a smooth surface that is of the same level as that of the base metal. Also, they have a slick and glossy finish. Being produced from high-quality materials, hard enamel coins are a bit costlier than soft enamel coins. 

With hard enamel coins, the etched or stamped designs are sharp and legible. And light won’t reflect off it, so you can easily read or follow whatever is etched.

What are Soft Enamel Coins?

In this process, a colored enamel is poured into specific portions of your coin and then dried with a heat lamp. In soft enamel coins, the raised areas are much elevated than the base metal. 

The soft enamel process can be used in producing 3D images in coins. In contrast, the hard enamel process cannot be used to form 3D images on a coin. Because when the coin is polished down, the 3D design too is polished.

Due to this, the soft enamel process is often used in creating realistic coins with 3D images. Some people often have the confusion that soft enamel actually feels soft when touched. But it’s not so. Soft enamel is an industry term referring to the color fill process.

Custom Hard and Soft Enamel Coins

When it comes to customizing your own coin, you can go for both hard and soft enamel options. Hard enamel coins have a color filled with a solid pigment and are intensely polished. They are durable as well, and the colors last for many years. 

Custom hard enamel coins are valuable collectors’ items. The durability and their elegant appearance make for a great collector’s piece. 

Soft enamel coins too can be easily customized. In fact, due to their affordable pricing, many people choose custom soft enamel coins. Soft enamel coins look more layered because the colored areas are lower than the metal piece, giving them a more realistic feel.

Soft enamel coins can look more attractive under light. That’s because of the raised metal and the lowered colored area. 

These coins can be given any shape and size and the choices for customizing them are practically endless. So, this is another factor that causes more people to choose soft enamel to produce their own custom challenge coins. 

Soft vs. Hard Enamel Coins: Final Pick

Whether you want to go for a hard or soft enamel coin is really up to you. Many people choose soft enamel coins due to their wide range of customizability and also because they are more affordable. They have a realistic feel and many like it. In contrast, hard enamel coins have a smooth surface and many others prefer it over soft enamel coins. 

If you want to buy custom challenge coins, you can always contact us. Be it soft or hard enamel, we can and do create exceptional designs and high-quality coins that are appreciated and helps to make an event more memorable. 

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