How to Increase Seeding Ratio Using a Seedbox

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Maintaining a good ratio on private trackers when torrenting is difficult. But closed torrenting communities or private trackers demand that its members maintain this ratio. Otherwise, you run the chance of getting kicked out. 

On the other hand, if you can maintain a good ratio, there are several benefits that you’ll get. Download speeds, reputation among peers, and chances of invites, all of them increases if you maintain a good ratio.

A seedbox can help a lot in this regard. Seedboxes are remote servers offering extremely high downloading and uploading speed. You can also store your files there without downloading them onto your PC. Some of them also come with automation tools that help you seed popular files before others.

So, how to increase your seeding ratio using a seedbox? What are the best practices? Let’s find out.

Go for New Releases 

One of the effective ways of building up your sharing ratio is to focus on new releases. When a new torrent is released, the number of seeders will always be less than the number of leechers. With a seedbox, you will be able to quickly download the newly released torrent file and you can thus become a seeder faster.

Keep Your Files in the Seedbox

One way of hurting the sharing ratio badly is by keeping files in your seedbox that no one is interested in. You need to share files that have a high demand. And once you complete downloading, you must always leave it running as a seed. This will greatly improve your upload statistics. Keep in mind to never delete files that people are actively downloading.

Start by Hosting Smaller Files

One other way of increasing your ratio is by sharing smaller files. Starting with smaller files will increase the chances of it being downloaded. For example, if you have a version of a movie that is small in file size, say, 800 Mb, and some other uploader has the same movie with a larger size, say, 2Gb, then people will prefer to download from you rather than the other version. 

Plus, with seedbox hosting for your files, people will be able to download your files faster, almost in no time. So, your torrent will gain popularity and your sharing ratio will automatically improve. 

Take Advantage of Free Downloads

Generally, downloading affect your ratio adversely. But there are free downloads offered on BitTorrent sites that you can take advantage of. These downloads are free meaning that downloading them will not affect your ratio. These are particularly important in the initial phases of starting as a member. Because, usually when you have more downloads, it affects your ratio but with free downloads they don’t. 

Use a Quality Seedbox Host

Make sure that the seedbox provider you are taking services from offer great download and upload speeds. Also, ensure that the dedicated server will always be on. These two criteria are vital when choosing a seedbox provider because they decide how easily you’ll be able to maintain the sharing ratio. 

Good download speeds ensure that you quickly download the file and become a seeder. And an always-on server means that you don’t have to worry about your file stopping to seed at any time. 

Seedboxes thus are an integral and important part when you join a closed torrenting community. Apart from huge storage space, great download and upload speeds, a seedbox will also help you maintain the ideal ratio that is so important to continue as a member and not getting blocked by them. 


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