How You Can Reduce Your Energy Bill

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There are dozens of ways to save money on your energy bill. By reevaluating your interior and exterior, you can cut your energy usage and save hundreds of dollars a year. This article will cover time-of-use pricing, ENERGY STAR appliances, and turning down the thermostat. To find more tips, read on! And don’t forget to sign up for Time-of-Use pricing for your energy.

Time-of-use pricing

If you’re concerned with your energy bill, you may have heard about time-of-use pricing. These new rate structures will allow you to adjust your power usage to match the energy cost of your home. This will reduce your energy bill and support a healthier environment, too. But how do time-of-use rates work? Read on to learn how they work and how you can apply them to your home.

ENERGY STAR appliances

You’ve probably heard that replacing your appliances with ENERGY STAR certified ones can help you save money on your energy bill. This is true, because these appliances are more energy efficient than conventional models. However, overall returns can vary. It depends on which appliances you replace, how old they are, and your current electricity rate. It may be hard to estimate the savings, but the time to upgrade is now.

Using cold water instead of hot

Using cold water instead of hot water will save you money in several ways. First of all, you will be able to reduce water usage during the day. By using cold water to wash clothes, you will save money as the cold water will prolong the life of the clothing. This method can also save water since you will need to use cold temperature washing soap. Another way to save money is to upgrade your water heater. New water heaters are highly efficient and you can take advantage of this feature to lower your energy bill.

Turning down the thermostat

While you are not at home, turn down the thermostat to save money on your energy bill. A colder room temperature can aid in your body’s ability to lose heat at night and help you get a good night’s sleep. Lowering the temperature for a few hours each day can save you as much as 15% of your overall heating bill. But don’t worry if you don’t like the cold! You can still enjoy your home’s comfort without sacrificing your health.

Using LED lights

LED lights use only a small amount of electricity, allowing you to cut down on your electricity bill significantly. Currently, the United States spends 22% of its energy budget on lighting. Lighting accounts for the second largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in the country, after power plants. Additionally, many households struggle with astronomical energy bills, due to inefficient lighting. LED lights not only save money, but also help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


Installing a good amount of insulation in your home will help you save money on your monthly energy bill. According to Remodeler Magazine’s annual Cost vs. Value report, adding fiberglass attic insulation to a home will recoup about 117% of its cost over its lifetime in increased home value. But the savings don’t stop there; they also add to the curb appeal of your home. The average cost of replacing a home’s HVAC system is about $7,000.

Smart power strips

If you use smart power strips around your home, you will be saving on your bill because they turn off your electronics when they are not in use. These devices use safe circuitry to monitor your electricity usage at every socket. You can also find different versions of smart power strips with different features, such as voice assistants. They will reduce your monthly energy costs and cut your bill in half! But how can smart power strips help you save energy?


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