The Coolest Guy in the Office May Not Be Paul Faust

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For those who have never seen the comedy television show Paul Faust: The Office, you can now see the real man behind the fictional character. As the boss of Scranton Business Park, Paul Faust is the “cool guy” who makes parking easy. But is Paul really the answer to the city’s parking woes? Jenna Fischer and Angeline Kinsey talk to the real Paul Faust to find out.

Paul Faust

While in high school, Michael Lieberstein wrote his first sitcom with a group of friends and played the vibraphone. Lieberstein then went to Hamilton College, where he joined the fraternity Chi Psi. He majored in economics and decided to pursue a career as a financial adviser. The show starred Faust as the head of the Five Families, a fictional group of wealthy people who work together to cause problems for everyone.

While Faust is most famous for his role as the sarcastic yet lovable Paul Faust in The Office, his real-life counterpart is actually a businessman who runs his own company, 1-800-PREPARE. Paul Faust even blogs about his company and talks to his fans on his Myspace page. He also runs a successful online retail business in Chicago called Paul Faust. The actors in The Office have been able to make a fortune from their work.

While working at Scranton Business Park, Paul Faust takes the time to learn more about the five families that make up the business park. He is often referred to as the “Cool Guy” and has become the boss of Disaster Kits Limited, which takes up parking spaces. The show’s characters have similar backgrounds and the real Paul Faust isn’t exactly the boss of anyone. So what makes him such a great boss?

Cool Guy Paul

The coolest guy in the office may not be Paul Faust. The actor, who is actually Paul Faust, is actually the manager of one of the Scranton Business Park’s five families. He has been a favorite of fans for years, including Jennifer Fischer and Angeline Kinsey. In an exclusive interview with, Faust shares the story behind his role on the popular sitcom.

It’s no secret that Faust has real-life connections to the series. Originally, he wanted to play a character that was based on himself, but he was too busy pursuing his acting career. However, he decided to audition for the part when The Office cast director asked him to do so. As a result, his cool-guy persona was created. Despite the grueling audition process, the cast and crew credited Faust as the inspiration for the role.

After Paul Faust landed his role on the TV show, he was immediately surrounded by celebrities, including Jennifer Aniston and Kevin Johnson. She interviewed the actor to find out how he managed to land the part. Then, she told Paul that she was surprised by the role. However, the movie was well-received and the two eventually reunited the five families in the business park.

While the Cool Guy character Jim Halpert is generally considered the most intimidating character on the show, a lesser-known character is Paul Faust. In this series, the actor played one of the Scranton Business Park families, the Fausts. He was a huge fan of software, as well as of the series itself. As a former software developer, Faust also had a lifelong interest in technology.

Scranton Business Park

If you have been following Scranton Business Park on Facebook, you have no doubt heard of Paul Faust. He is a character from “Dunder Mifflin” and the Five Families of Scranton Business Park. He is the manager of Disaster Kits Limited and a cousin of Paul Lieberstein. However, despite being in the same business, Faust is an unusual person.

This eccentric entrepreneur lives and works in Scranton Business Park. He owns a company named Disaster Kits Limited, which has five families based in Scranton. Faust has the ability to take orders without worrying about the employees’ safety. He has the ability to assign workers to the right projects at the right time. The office is located in Scranton Business Park.

Disaster Kits Limited

If you’re a fan of the television show The Office, you might know about Paul Faust, the character that takes up a parking space on Scranton Business Park. Faust is a cousin of actor Paul Lieberstein, and he shares the first and last name of the character. However, Faust is more than just a name – he is also the owner of the fictional company Disaster Kits Limited.

Kevin’s first challenge is to assemble the five families that make up Scranton Business Park. They are: Michael Scott, the regional manager at Dunder Mifflin, Bob Vance, and Paul Faust, the owner of the business. Then, they meet Bill Cress, the owner of W.B. Jones heating and air. Luckily for Kevin, they get along well and quickly work together to solve the stationnement problem.

Paul Bevan Lieberstein

American actor, scenarist, and television producer, Paul Bevan Lieberstein was born on 22 February 1967. He won a Primetime Emmy for his role as showrunner and writer on the NBC sitcom The Office. Lieberstein grew up in Westport, Connecticut, with his parents Stanley and Judith. In his early years, he played the role of Paul Faust in the television series Redakce.

Born in Westport, Connecticut, Lieberstein went on to work on The Newsroom and Ghosted. He also made his directorial debut in Song of Back and Neck. Unfortunately, he couldn’t finish the film after his wife and children died from the COVID-19 pandemic. Nonetheless, he never lost hope for his career, and he’s happily married to Janine Serafin Poreba.

After college, he moved to New York City, where he held a variety of jobs, including an auditing job at Peat Marwick International. In addition to this, he worked as a freelance writer, earning part-time at his father’s law office. Paul Bevan Lieberstein’s net worth has grown significantly since his early career in the entertainment industry. Listed among the richest actors online, he’s now worth $14 million.

In 2006, the writer/producer’s relationship with Steve Carell led to an unexpected collaboration that helped him win multiple Emmy Awards. He was nominated for Outstanding Broadcast Comedy Series, Daytime Emmy Award for Best Drama, and Screen Actors Guild Award for Best Actor in a Drama Series. Lieberstein was also awarded an honorary degree from Hamilton College.


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