What Is the Home Birth Golden Hour, and How Do You Respect It?

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The first hour after a baby is delivered is known as the “Golden Hour.” Given that this is your baby’s first experience outside of the womb, it is quite miraculous. The significance of utilising The Golden Hour for skin-to-skin time with the mother has been examined in numerous studies. It’s well recognised that it has a lasting effect on both you and your child. What advantages do having skin-to-skin contact during the first hour have? How does The Golden Hour change depending on the environment? How are you going to safeguard that golden hour effectively?

The advantages are numerous

It will firstly have a significant impact on bonding. Your infant can link to you without ever knowing your appearance by smelling you, being skin to skin, and you smelling your baby. By smelling that newborn’s bald head, you will strengthen your attachment even further. This hormone played a major role in your entire labour and is crucial to your breastfeeding and recovery processes. This is because being skin to skin helps your baby’s blood sugar levels balance and regulates their temperature (they are unable to thermoregulate for the first 72 hours on their own). They will propelled themselves to head for the nipple and start eating within the first hour because it smells similar to them, like the amniotic fluid they just came out of. “It’s fantastic to breastfeed. According to recent studies, 13 weeks of nursing provides seven years of protection against gastroenteritis. Breastfeeding during four months can prevent ear infections for three years. According to Choal of Sanford Health, breastfeeding can ward off Hodgkin’s disease for six months and prevent respiratory infections for seven years.

So how does your environment influence when the golden hour occurs?

Let’s start by talking about what is typical in hospitals as 98% of mothers give birth there. Not every hospital is made equal. Various hospitals, various policies. The same is true for nurses and healthcare professionals. They say, “We are simply taking your kid to the warmer for a second.” Only to keep the infant there continuously owing to low blood sugar, which they are now introducing formula for. Your breastmilk may not regulate or come in quickly enough, causing the infant to become trapped on formula and perhaps experience troubles for the rest of his or her life.

The cascade of interventions refers to this.

They are aware that the mother is the finest NICU the baby could have while giving birth at home with a midwife, such as Glory Birth, situated in Kansas City, or at a respectable birth facility. As long as the infant is safe, they make sure an early latch is established and skin-to-skin contact is maintained. The family should be allowed to bond during this time without interruption, with “No hating, no patting, and no chatting,” to paraphrase the brilliant Carla Hartley.

What steps can you take to ensure that the golden hour is observed?

1. Discuss minimising any interventions and allowing labour to start naturally with your healthcare practitioner.

2. Review the skin-to-skin procedure in case you require an emergency caesarean.

3. Try to avoid using prescription drugs.

4. Give delivery at home.

To make the most of this “Golden Hour,” request dim lighting, a warm environment, and peace and quiet after giving delivery.

2. Call your child by name and express your affection for them.

3. Take the baby’s scent.

Allow the infant to start nursing.

After the intensity of giving birth, give yourself permission to take it easy and appreciate this time; the first hour of bonding is priceless. Mama, you’re doing a terrific job; you can do this. Contact glorybirth.com if you have any inquiries about home birth or want to discover more about the “Golden Hour.

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