Who Makes a Good Candidate for Cosmetic Surgery, Asks Dr. Grace Valina?

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When considering cosmetic surgery, Dr. Grace Valina advises that you should assess if you would make a good candidate. If cosmetic surgery is right for you, you and your cosmetic surgeon will decide together whether to proceed. Of course, your surgeon will want to make sure cosmetic surgery is a viable option for you. Additionally, there are other aspects that affect who is a suitable candidate for cosmetic surgery.

Your general health is excellent.

Your body is put under some pressures as a result of cosmetic surgery. The majority of people can easily have cosmetic surgery, however you might want to wait if you have serious underlying health issues. It is recommended to get cosmetic surgery after being in good overall health. Speak with Dr. Grace Valina for a customised recommendation on this.

You Do Not Intend to Significantly Reduce Your Weight

According to Dr. Grace Valina, getting cosmetic surgery is best done after you have reached your ideal weight. Even while you might want to experience “instant benefits” from cosmetic surgery, in some situations, major weight loss subsequently can change the physical outcomes.

You Are Prepared Emotionally

Cosmetic surgery can change your life. You need to be emotionally prepared to get used to your new appearance after surgery. Even some simple operations require some adjustment time. You should be able to accept the reality that after the procedure, your face or body will look different.

You’re Aware of the Risks

Understanding the potential dangers associated with cosmetic surgery is a necessary component of being a suitable candidate. Even seemingly benign surgeries like those for lipomas and wisdom teeth removal have significant hazards. The same holds true for cosmetic surgery. Although the majority of patients experience no problems, it is important to thoroughly understand both the positive aspects and any potential drawbacks.

You Are Prepared and Willing to Comply with Your Surgeon’s Instructions

Your cosmetic surgeon should be someone you get along with, and you should be ready to meticulously adhere to all of her directions before, during, and after the treatment. These could include challenging behaviours like giving up drinking, smoking, and junk food. Dr. Grace Valina advises taking some time off of work to rest. Additional guidelines specific to your case will be provided. Just remember that all of the instructions are provided for your benefit and that following them will result in a quicker healing process.

Find out if you are a good candidate for cosmetic by speaking with your cosmetic surgeon right away. It’s okay if she asks you to modify your lifestyle first. By doing this, you can ensure that you’re in the finest possible state on all fronts when it comes time for your treatment.

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